Floor Filter or Glass Fibre paint arrestor filter are good to trap paint overspray and protect the environment from air pollutions.  



Model:                                               AS-FF

Color:                                                Green+White

Material:                                           Long glass fiber

Size:                                                   800 MM x 20M

Maximum wind flow:                       4680m³/hour

Minimum wind pressure:                 12 Pascals

Maximum wind pressure:                250 Pascals

Filter effect:                                      69.40%

Wind speed:                                    1.3m/s

Dust holding amount:                     3850g/

Maximum working temp:               250°C

Filter grade:                                     G2/EU-2 DIN24185

Fire protection level:                     F-1 DIN53438


Applicable scenes: Inlet air coarse filtering in general air conditioning system; Dry coating engineering, such as paint spray booth, discharge system in paint spray workshop; Floor exhaust filtering of car spray paint room.



·         With high capturing ability, it is applied to the spray paint filtration of surface spraying; Efficiently absorbing excess free particles generated by spray paint, this product is a typical environmental protection material, which can  balance the pressure of the work space.

 ·         Good fiber strength, good elasticity, good spray paint capturing ability and low resistance.

·                     The structure can help blocking the dust particles from different levels depending on the size of the dust.

 ·         The original shape can still be maintained at a certain wind speed, increasing the life span of the filter and reducing 

        the replacement cost.

 ·         Good temperature resistance, resisting up to 170oC.

 ·         Strong moisture resistance, up to 100% RH relative temperature.

 ·         Differentiate the direction of dust capture by color. The air inlet surface is green, and the air outlet surface is white.


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