• AS 2045 Concrete Primer

A specially developed primer that can be applied to concrete surfaces without causing any sort of chipping of the paint film. This primer provides excellent adhesion with concrete as it is engineered to provide excellent binding properties. 

Primer is the first step in any paint application which allows any paint system to create adhesion of finishing paint with the substrate. Primers are engineered to create binding properties with the materials underneath. These primers can be epoxy based & polyurethane based. These selections of primers may depend on the job of work & time required. Improper primers may result in disastrous effects like chipping of paint film. Primers are used while painting of concrete walls, wood, metals etc. Special grade of primers are used when treating porous or rusted surfaces. In automobile industry PU Primers can be tinted to a close match (Value Shades) with the color of the finishing paint to reduce paint consumption.

Merits of Epoxy & PU Primers:

Excellent Adhesion

Selection of primer according to substrate

High resistance to Abrasion & Impact

Fast Drying

Easy to apply

High Resistance to Acids, Alkali & Solvents

Confirms IS Standards

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AS 2045 Concrete Primer

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